Friday, November 4, 2011

magic??? kindda... witchy maybe??? idk the exact title but feel free to make it up urself

okay... this should be quick...

the married witches (Don & Maggie Stark)
well saye skunk tengah layan Charmed... well this is one of the oldies (not really old la) series that i'm into n somehow my lalink never watched it so then her friend gave her like the whole 6 or 7 seasons full... huhuhu and tho since i watched Supernatural.. i think kindda weird to like witches especially how Dean hate them... haha n then i watched season 7 episode 5 (Shut Up, Dr Phil) where there's about a couple of witches who is married to each other and have problem... they kept getting at each other sing their power and somehow i find that very funny....
and the funny part?? the brothers have to become the witches marriage counselor so that they dont taking their wrath on each other and (typical) hurt others too (that's y it become a case to Winchester brothers no?)

and yeah... one hell of the funny episode (tho i start to say i'm not gonna like it since Cass is dead now) coz they become like season 1 again... not to serious but still we know there's an issue with the brothers... owh and i cant pick which of my fav line so here is few:
“Literally kill off everything around her just by PMSing at it. Yeesh, that’s not creepy at all.” -Dean
Bewitched just got a lot less funny”-  Sam
“I’ve had 800 years of this. Do not make me bring up the Renaissance.”-Maggie (the female witch)

well speaking of Charmed, for those who didnt watched or never know bout them, it's about Helliwell sisters (Prue, Piper, Pheobe and later after season 3, Paige) who from normal-living carrier white picket fence woman to super powerful line of good witches and each of them have their own special power...

well i love this series like very much especially it goes to show how strong a woman can be (owh yeah in this case having magic) but in the same time they can balance their carrier with saving the innocent job from evil and have a family and the sisterly bond really is one of my fav part... ^^~

and as for Supernatural, i already watch episode 6 (season 7 of coz)  lol ^^~

so that's that... papai ^^~

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