Saturday, November 12, 2011

patience please come to meee........

to be honest i dont have much idea on what actually what i want to write but there's an incident (twice- two night in a row) happened that i swear if it happen for a third time i might lose every patience i have in every bones....

so we start with day 1st, i was out with adik Izzati to buy some groceries and before that i went to ATM to withdraw some money... then i started to drive and at the junction, a car just started to race me and when he out from the junction, few cars honk at him (a long beeeeppppppp tho) and that driver almost hit my car n i was like WTF??? but honking not really my thing so i let go... from there i drove to the gas station to get some fuel and the guy park his car next to mine and he looked at me with anger n owh this is (more like) our conversation goes

"awk taw x ape awak buat tadi? u just almost got me killed!"
"excuse me?"
"dah taw pakai kancil tu buat la cara pakai kancil... awak ingat keta saya ni ape?"
"now let me make myself clear... u have amnesia or u just that plain stupid? coz awak yang potong saya kat simpang tu n keta lain yang hon awak" btw he just driving this Proton Saga 
"that would never happen kalau awak x bawak macam siput"
"i stopped at the junction mister... there's a dozens of cars and no traffic light... kalau saya x stop saya la yang kena langgar... ada paham??!"
"dah la x cantik kurang ajar lagi"
"right back at u... owh plain stupid too"

and then i just go to pay the gas n fill my car... he was like having this "i-will-kill-her-in-the-next-meeting" look and i was like "the-next-time-u-do-that-i-will-start-throwing-punches"

so on day 2, which mean the day after, i went to buy some aerosol and his car blocking my car. i wait there tho i feel like i suppose to just hit that jerk's car (i dont even remember the owner or the car) and when he came out he look at me n we have another scene (yea  i think i really make a scene there)

"awak lagi!! kenapa? x puas hati?"
(at  this moment i do admit i'm the one who have amnesia) "huh?"
"kenapa awak tengok saya x puas hati? bukannya saya cium keta awak pon semalam... salah sendiri tapi salahkan orang lain... macam ni lah perempuan xde budi bahasa"
(then saya start ingat) "excuse me!! who the hell u think u are? awk yang block kereta saya boleh2 awak tanya kenapa saya x puas hati?"
"serve u right coz awk memang saangat rude smalam... let me guess... looking for comfort food coz ur boyfriend leave u? ataupun have u ever have one?"
"look sir, i dont judge ppl but u sure stupid coz i think u talking to a freakin mirror but not me! i dint even raise my voice n not saying anything... what are u? woman? too sensitive bro!"
"kalau x nak kereta orang block kereta awk, bawak la moto bodoh!"
"why dont u?"
"bawak moto... then u dont have to face my rudeness"
"saya punya suka la nak bawak kuda pon...lemme guess... awak x boleh bawak moto coz moto tu x leh tampung awak ek?"
"wow, u really an idiot...1st... the place u park ur freakin scrap isnt a parking zone... ape awak pakai lesen A ke? 2nd, u think moto tu dari ape? buluh? if moto tu body dia x solid then no deaths reported kalau org kena langgar dengan moto and 3rd u acting like a freakin spoiled little girl u got that?"
"lesen A?"
"lesen Agong... sesuka je la awk nak letak moto tu kat mana"
"dah la x cantik... gemuk... serve u right la xde boyfrien"
"how would u know?"
"coz guys are not blind... u dont have good heart... good manners... good body... good face... untuk kebaikan umat manusia saya harap awak jangan keluar rumah lagi.."
"and i bet the longest relationship u have is less than 2 months... coz u dont have good heart, good body, good job, good sense of humor let alone manner... owh btw awk xde la hensem sangat pon... "
"kurang ajar!"
"yes i am... now move ur junk!"
i bet this is how his girl feel LOL
"saya xkan move my car... no matter what..."
"news flash dude... u blocking the traffic too.. move ur damn car before they give ur sorry ass saman parking.."

so he moved his car but then he race me again at the junction causing other car honking at him and my car almost kiss his ass...

dude.. where u get ur licence?? grrr....

owh.. sesuka hati je call me ugly n everything... i cant say much just i feel sorry for ur girlfriend (if u have one)....

that's that... papai...

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